Thelemic High Holy Days – Day 3 Liber AL: Horus

The third and final day of the anniversary of the reception of Liber AL, the third chapter for Horus or Ra-Hoor-Khuit speaking. Since for the first day I posted a painting with just Nuit, and the second day with Nuit and Hadit, for this third day here is one with all three deities present, the triad of Nuit, Hadit, and Horus.

The illustration is still for Chapter 1 though, as I’m still working my way through that before starting any for the others. Though I may change my mind!

Basically I’ve been working on these whenever I need a break from inking and line work on the tarot deck I’m working on. Since that is such a long process sometimes I just want to work with paint and color! Also, since the deck is following very strictly the 777 descriptions, it’s also nice to get away from having the elements dictated to me. For these paintings I’m just trying to have fun, rather than have them be a certain way.

36″x12″ canvas 1.5″ deep with the painting extended over the sides. This one was especially fun, as I used a lot of different materials in its creation: acrylic paint in both glossy and matte finish, real lapis lazuli powder from Afghanistan, glow in the dark pigment, 23K genuine gold leaf, a brass engraved plaque, and a tiny genuine ocean potato pearl!

This illustration is from Liber AL vel Legis (aka the Book of the Law), Chapter 1, verse 2: “The unveiling of the company of heaven.”

Liber AL, Ch.1, v.2: The unveiling of the company of heaven. 36x12x1.5″ canvas, acrylic, lapis, 23K gold leaf, brass, pearl, and glow in the dark pigment (on the stars and star field trails)

Apologies for the lousy photo – it’s a large canvas and I don’t yet have a good camera or patience. The genuine gold leaf doesn’t show well in this picture, but is very awesome and very shiny in person. It’s on the solar barque and the serpent curtain tie-backs. The blue is done with both paint and genuine lapis lazuli powder. The tiny pearl is in the center of the canvas. The brass plaque reads “The unveiling of the company of heaven.” What I love best about this painting doesn’t really show in the picture: the contrast between the glossy acrylic of the curtains, against the matte lapis star field, and the shine of the glorious real gold leaf against the matte. It also is really nice in person as the image extends and drapes over the sides of the canvas, so it looks really interesting from all angles. This looks really cool at night too – if it gets charged with a bit of sunlight or UV the stars of Nuit and the circular star field trails have a subtle glow.

May the Hawk-Headed Lord of Silence and Strength enflame you, as his nemyss shrouds the night-blue sky.

4 thoughts on “Thelemic High Holy Days – Day 3 Liber AL: Horus

  1. Beautiful painting! I’m sure it is even more stunning in person. Nuit and her Stars are dear to me and you always capture her so well.

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