Beer label art for Stone Cow Brewery – The Alchemy of Smoke

This is the second beer can label I’ve done for Stone Cow Brewery in Barre, Massachusetts. The first one was “Tranquil and Alert”, a parody of the Town Seal of Barre, a black IPA. I did the art for this new second label in November of last year (2021), but the beer just came out this month – of course on 4/20. I say of course because it’s kind of funny as the name of the beer is “The Alchemy of Smoke”, for a smoked Helles lager or rauchbier.

Had a lot of fun doing the art for this one, which I based on various old alchemical drawings and an old bellows that we use with our fireplace. It’s a picture of the bellows with some artistic reinterpretation dimensions-wise, and the art painted on top of it, with the beer basically going through the fires and smoke of hell, because it’s a Helles smoked lager.

artwork for the Alchemy of Smoke, for Stone Cow Brewery

And here it is, in the can. It’s really delicious beer, with just the right amount of smoke!

I’ve just finished a third label for them yesterday – with a very watery theme this time, appropriate for this current cluster of planets in Pisces! I’ll post that one next. Until then, cheers!

2 thoughts on “Beer label art for Stone Cow Brewery – The Alchemy of Smoke

  1. Such a fantastic design! Love that! Looking forward to seeing the third design for these lucky brewers.

    1. Thank you Stefan! Two more labels done now, but I need to wait until the release the beers for them later this summer probably. A double IPA with a water myth theme and a coffee porter with I guess a wood but also fire/metal theme.

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