We happy?


If you have seen the movie Pulp Fiction, like everyone else you may have been wondering what was in the briefcase, as it was never revealed in the film. We see the briefcase from behind as it is opened, emitting a mysterious golden glow. Fans have all sorts of theories, ranging from:

  • gold
  • an ancient artifact
  • the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs
  • an atomic device
  • drugs
  • Marcellus Wallace’s soul
  • Salvation/Redemption

Tarantino himself, when asked, is quoted as saying it was “the most valuable thing you can imagine” and “whatever you want it to be”.

In one scene, Jules opens the case at gunpoint and shows it to Pumpkin/Ringo, who, stunned, says, “It’s beautiful.” In another scene, Jules and Vincent regain possession of the briefcase. Vincent opens it to make sure the contents are intact, and stares down cryptically as Jules repeatedly asks, “We happy?”

Here is an 18 second clip of the scene where Vincent opens the briefcase:


So, what was in the briefcase? Here’s what Vincent might have seen:


Now, you may be asking yourself, where are the famous holograms? Oh they are there! But they are notoriously elusive to photograph, as they only show up in motion. So here is a quick video, so you can see for yourself, something very happy indeed.

The holograms are on both editions of the Tabula Mundi deck, so both the 78 card Colores Arcus and the 93 card Babalon with the foiled fronts.

The printers have been busy with this project. Shipments of decks have been arriving all week, and more are due to come in next week, hopefully also the Babalon edition. That one I suspect they are doing next as it also has the silver foiled fronts and all the extra cards.

The fronts of the cards are as beautiful as the backs. They really went all out getting the glorious colors of the scales just right. I was very happy to hear that they intend to feature this in their showroom, and that visiting vendors from all over who have been in their shop during production have been giving them lots of praise for these. I can see why.

I have my work cut out for me now. I feel that we are still on track for the first rewards shipping on my chosen date in mid October. When you receive them, I think you will say, “Yeah, we happy” too.

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