The Foghorn

The Foghorn is also known as The Moon. It’s the full moon here, for the zero degree,  on the Pisces/Virgo axis.  The fog glows, but you cannot see the moon. The horn sounds silently, and something vibrates at the back of your head. Something comes up from below. Will you heed the call? Brought to you by […]

The Ship

It began with The Sea…and we have The Lamp to light The Way. Now we need The Ship.

The Way…

For the cross quarter holiday and Thelemic holy day, the Feast of Stars, also known as the Feast of Nuit, and Imbolc, I bring you the Dweller Between the Waters, the Daughter of the Firmament. Here is The Star card from Pharos Tarot. I call this one The Way. The Star shows the Way, a […]