Tabula Mundi – past, present, and future

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether any new editions of Tabula Mundi are forthcoming, since the Colores Arcus edition sold out. The short answer is YES, and soon. I am in the gathering info stage, and figuring out what changes will be made to any new edition, what the printing job will […]

Art for Element Brewery

Just wanted to share this with you. One of my favorite local places is Element Brewery and Distillery in Millers Falls, MA. They started with beer and branched out to spirits. I really like their vibe, and their beverages! I visited them on my birthday not too long ago and took home a blank bottle, […]

More border experiments

Just an update that I’ve delayed the release of the new Pharos Tarot majors until the new year in 2020. I’m hoping to make both a bordered and a borderless version. The bordered one will have standard (Thoth based) titles, with the Pharos word keys underneath, probably looking something like this: The borderless cards are […]

Crowleymas, Stardate 2019

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Another year here already? Crowleymas is a Thelemic holiday, a celebration of the birthdate of Aleister Crowley, born October 12, 1875 at 11:42 PM e.v. Comedic rites, good food, and plentiful drink are all welcome. For this year’s Crowleymas, I decided to check out […]

To Border, Or Not To Border:

That is the question. See the bottom of the page for a POLL after the examples. Since all the Majors of Pharos Tarot are done now and I’m not planning on doing the minors yet, I’m deciding whether to publish them as Majors only, and if so, in what format. The size would be large, […]

The Works

From Pharos Tarot, in progress: The (Wheel of ) Fortune card is called The Works in Pharos Tarot. The Works as short for The Clockworks (but also as in “give me the works, Jupiter!” LOL) . The clockworks turn to power the turning of the lighthouse’s light, just as the wheel turns by the hand of […]

The Pivot

from Pharos Tarot, in progress: The Justice card is called Adjustment in the Thoth deck. The Adjustment card is called The Pivot in Pharos Tarot. It’s one of only two cards┬áthat does not directly show the Hebrew letter pictorially. The letter is Lamed, meaning Ox-goad. The other is the Fool, meaning Ox. An Ox-goad, like […]

The Enclosure

from Pharos Tarot, in progress: In Pharos Tarot the Chariot is called The Enclosure, that protective wall or fence, for the corresponding Hebrew letter Cheth, meaning fence. Lighthouses often have an enclosure: a  wall surrounding and enclosing the base to protect it from waves. The armored Charioteer both guards and transports the treasured pearl. This […]

The Door

From Pharos Tarot, in progress The earliest card done, since 0 thru II were redone at some point. The Door is also known as The Empress, whose Hebrew letter is Dalet, meaning Door. Since it’s such an early card, I wonder if I should redo it, just because my painting skills have improved since then.

The Compass

This one has been a struggle. This is the third version and still not totally pleased with it, but I do like it better than the first two. I think the Golden Dawn color scale colors for this one are tricky to work with. Orange, Pale Mauve, New Yellow Leather, Reddish Grey Inclined to Mauve. […]