The Key to the Rosarium

Emblem XXVII. He that endeavours to enter into the Philosophers’ Rosarye without a key, is like him who would walk without feet. ~ Michael Maier’s alchemical opus Atalanta Fugiens of 1618 The Rose Garden of Wisdom has an abundance of various flowers, But the gate is always closed with strong bolts; Only one thing of […]

Vernal Equinox update

This has also been posted as update #14 on the Kickstarter for backers of the Colores Arcus edition, so forgive me if you are a backer and have seen it there. But often those updates go into spam folders (at least they do for me) so I thought I’d post it here. Here in the […]

Rosetta redux: the Papyrus edition

My first tarot deck, before Tabula Mundi, was called the Rosetta Tarot and was published in November 2011. I currently still have some pocket size versions in a tin for it, both with the card bank design (a version of a rose cross) on the tin, or a custom tin with either your choice of card or the […]

The Feast of Stars: Nuit, the Maiden, and the Holy Harlot

The Feast of Stars: Nuit, the Maiden, and the Holy Harlot Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. February has some of my favorite holidays: February 1st/2nd and February 14th. February 1st, or 2nd, may be my favorite one of all. This is one of the cross quarter days, halfway between […]

The Rising Sun

(Soundtrack, just because hey the post is called the rising sun: House of the Rising Sun: Eric Burdon of the Animals – have a quick listen even for a minute and consider his voice; this 23 year old kid truly had some pipes! He has Sun conjunct Saturn, in Taurus decan 2, and Mercury conjunct Venus, in Taurus […]

We happy?

  If you have seen the movie Pulp Fiction, like everyone else you may have been wondering what was in the briefcase, as it was never revealed in the film. We see the briefcase from behind as it is opened, emitting a mysterious golden glow. Fans have all sorts of theories, ranging from: gold an […]

An infinity of secret zodiacal cards?

I thought I’d both show some progress on the secret zodiacal cards coming with the Babalon edition of Tabula Mundi, but also show something about the creation process, and how actually instead of 12 secret zodiacal cards that are obtained by combining the three minors of each sign, there are actually a much larger number […]

The Secret Zodiacal Cards of Tabula Mundi Tarot

As mentioned in the Colores Arcus Kickstarter, the Babalon edition will have at least 12 extra cards. Ever wonder what I was referring to on page 77 of Book M, or in the Nox et Lux Kickstarter, when I mentioned that the Tabula Mundi minors contained secret zodiacal cards? Finally I am here to reveal […]