New TarotCart website and blog – and new improved Rosetta Tarot is now available

Rosetta Tarot The Aeon card also known as Judgement
New Rosetta Tarot for the new Aeon

For the lovely Leo full moon, I’m happy to announce that the TarotCart store, where all of my work is offered, has been completely rebuilt. It now works even if you do not have a Pay pal account, which was an issue for some in the past.

There is a new page all about our tarot decks to describe the differences between them, and about Thoth based or Thoth inspired decks in general and what makes a good one.

The new site also has a blog feature, that has and will have periodic articles that you may find useful.

There is an extensive article on using the tarot court cards, both using tarot court cards as a significator card, and how to interpret the court cards in a reading. It is a huge and informative post that covers the tarot court cards as personality types. It also gives suggestions about what they may mean when they don’t seem to be referring to another person.

Since it is Aquarius season (and I hope you had a lovely Imbolc or Feast of Stars) there are also posts about the meaning of The Star card in tarot and about which card or cards are for Aquarius.

It’s also a great time to announce that the sold out Rosetta Tarot now has a new edition that I really am happy with. The new Rosetta Tarot is larger (3.25×5 inches), the same size as the large Tabula Mundi Tarot. It has the titles in English as opposed to the hieroglyphs of the Papyrus edition. The borders now have the attribution symbols and are in a gorgeous glowing color. And the beautiful Rose Cross card backs are now in a subtle metallic sheen ink.

You can also get the all new Rosetta Tarot as a discounted package deal with the Book of Seshet. Because this is a new edition, this week only it is on sale, from now until 2/11/2023. Tabula Mundi Tarot and Pharos Tarot are still available.

It’s a brand new site, and it seems to be working great! But if you would like to help me with the testing, from now until 2/11/23 order anything that is not already at a sale price, and get 20% off by using the code NEWTAROTCART. It will help me to figure out how things are working as boy is it complicated to figure out how to get shipping to accurately work on a site with multiple products! If you encounter any errors or odd stuff please let me know!

If you have prior links to the site, please check to see if they need updating. the main store url remains the same but product links have changed. If you don’t have links to the site, and you think that the Tabula Mundi Tarot, Rosetta Tarot, Pharos Tarot, and our new talismanic tarot in progress are worthy, please consider linking.

Now that this rebuild is over, what’s next? Finally, my new deck will be coming this year, so stay tuned and if you are not already subscribed to the newsletter, please consider it.

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