A dream

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that hearing about other people’s dreams is only about one step above listening to their medical problems in terms of interestingness. But this one seems to be one of what Jung called a big dream, meaning of significance rather than due purely to anxiety or that bit of cheese you ate before bed.

I don’t think this dream was due that, in spite of having both anxiety and depression lately, and in spite of the fact that last night I had some faux-Mexican food of dubious quality at a restaurant geared to profit rather than pleasure (something I almost never do) with a few glasses of tequila to wash it down. And the evening included other stimuli of a nature that has never been much a part of this life. I still think the dream was due internal factors (psychological rather than food!) instead of purely external factors.

I dreamed I was setting up an instrument in my house, on a table (makes me think of The Magus, his letter Beth meaning house, and his table with the instruments of the four elements). It was the size and shape of a grow light I have for growing seedlings, like four feet long and several feet high. But it was a “musical” device, though it did not play music. It had Keys, like a piano or a xylophone, (or a Tarot!) that you pressed to play, but instead of music, each key played a beam of light of a different color.

I was super excited to have it, and was looking very much forward to sitting at the table and spending quality time alone with the instrument to see what I could create with it.

To me, the timing of this dream was too significant, as now that I have the work and whirlwind of publishing the majors done I am now poised to dive in to a more formal study the tree of life as I commit to making the minor arcana of the tabula mundi tarot. What a metaphor, creating or composing with color and light, with keys, on a table. The mind is cool. I wish I could have stayed asleep long enough to use this thing for a while though!



2 thoughts on “A dream

  1. Last night I dreamt that a giant anaconda was chasing me. I got away, but definitely decided to heed the sign for deeper meaning.

    Anxiety and depression, though unfortunate, are symptoms of evolutionary change. In my not-so-humble opinion, those who are not afflicted by them are part of a lineage headed for extinction. Those who know, understand what I mean. Those who don’t, were never meant to.

    As for tequilla… there are few drinks I detest more. I highly recommend trappist ales as a far superior alternative. Peace and love be with you always M.

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