Help Lon Milo DuQuette!

Hey friends,

If you are like me, you have read at least one of Lon Milo DuQuette’s books, and maybe several. I know I’ve read almost every one, and really enjoyed them too. So I’d like to give something back.

In case you didn’t know, in addition to being a great writer for the genre, a Thelemite and Magician, he is an accomplished musician too. He is in a singer/songwriter contest now, top prize is a spot on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

While I don’t have a TV, I’d still get a kick out of Lon Milo being on mainstream TV. Better than whatever pap may elsewise get on there. I hope he wins and I can watch on YouTube or something.

All you have to do to support him is listen. And his stuff is pretty good! Intelligent lyrics and good melodies. Check it out here

He is up to 12th place now, and was 30th a few days ago, so he really has a chance. It goes until November 9th, so listen as often as you can, put it on repeat or something 🙂

Here is his fan page, with more info.

The more times you listen, the better his chances get. So put it on once in awhile and support him for all the good works he has given us.







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