Crowleymas, Stardate 2019

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Another year here already?

Crowleymas is a Thelemic holiday, a celebration of the birthdate of Aleister Crowley, born October 12, 1875 at 11:42 PM e.v. Comedic rites, good food, and plentiful drink are all welcome.

For this year’s Crowleymas, I decided to check out Uncle Al’s solar return chart. Where I live, the Sun returns to the degree of his birth this year on October 12th at 4:59 PM e.v. Hey, that’s perfect as that’s close enough to “cocktail hour” and we have a tradition of celebrating with a special cocktail each year, designed in honor of the beast.

Last year (2018) it was called “Al’s Libation”.  For 2015 it was a “Debauch cocktail”. What will it be for 2019?

The Thelemic date for Oct 12th at his solar return in 2019 would be written as: ☉︎ in 19° Libra : ☽︎ in 8° Aries : Saturn’s Day : Ⅴⅴ

2019 is a double Hierophant year in the Thelemic dating system (thus the V v). So watch this space on the 12th to see what special libation comes up. Double Hierophant? Reminds me of a joke. A guy gets into a confessional booth in church, and looks around appreciatively. There’s a bottle of scotch and a box of cigars, and it’s all very plush with red velvet. “Wow Father” he says “this new booth is nice. I appreciate the upgrades! Very hospitable.” The priest says “Get out – you are on my side.”

Ok back with an update on the special day. Happy Crowleymas!!

Today’s libation is based on the classic cocktail the Negroni which is equal parts gin, compari, and sweet vermouth. Since it is fall though, a variation called the Boulevardier, which replaces the gin with whisky. And in honor of Crowley, who was fond of Scotch, we used a mix of a fine peaty single malt from Scotland for Bolskine and an Indian scotch, because dinner will be a curry and chappatis. The drink has a drop of Green Dragon and fresh fig slices as a garnish. A toast to Aleister!

Love is the law, love under will.

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